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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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decided to do a little improv. [ music ] >> bret: i don't know. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's our special report, fair, balanced, and unafraid. this is the fox report. tonight the family of an american doctor rescued from the taliban speaks. plus we now know the identity of the navy seal who died trying to save an american doctor. he was just 28 years old. a member of the elite seal team 6, tasked with confronting the taliban on their own turf. >> they were heavily armed with
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machine guns. >> tonight what we've learned about the mission that saved one man and left a navy hero dead. plus, a mexican american superstar singer killed in a plane crash. >> the plane is totaled. nobody inside survived. >> i'm in shock. i still can't believe it. >> whatever culture you were from, she inspired you as a woman. >> tonight tears of disbelief from jenni rivera's family and fans. the software mogul john mcafee spent weeks dodging cops in two countries and now he has a new destination in mind. >> i'll be very happy to go to america. america is my home. >> tonight a mystery, a suspected murder, and a millionaire. but first from fox this monday night, the story of a hero who died saving another man thousands of miles from home. just hours ago our military identified a navy seal killed in action in afghanistan.
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his name wit we now know is nics checque. he was 28 years old from pennsylvania, a member of the elite seal team 6, the same unit that killed osama bin laden. over the weekend he and his teammates launched a mission to save an american doctor handle the taliban -- whom the taliban had taken hostage. it went down about 50 miles from the border of pakistan. the enemy fighters were reported reportedly well armed and we're told u they put up quite a figh. when it was all over, the doctor was safe but at th petty first s officer nicolas checque suffered wounds too severe to survive. what do we know about this hero from seal team 6, jennifer? >> reporter: he was from a suburb in pittsburgh, monroeville, pennsylvania, shepard. he was young and 28 years old, a member of the seal team 6. on sunday he was wounded as his team took heavy fire heading
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into rescue dr. joseph whose family issued this statement tonight. quote, we want to extend our deepest condolences to the family of the american say lor who died during dilip's rescue. we could not be more grateful for that soldiers heroism and for all who helped to bring dr. joseph home. >> shepard: this doctor was in real danger. >> reporter: that's right. two other team members from this aid group had been released 11 hours before dr. joseph, before general allen gave the go ahead for seal team 6 to go in after dr. joseph. they were concerned about his safety. it was human tel intelligence or signal intercept that caused them to fear for his life. our relief in the safe rescue of dilip joseph is tempered by the loss of the hero. that's from the aid group morning star development when they heard that a member of seal
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team 6 had been killed, shepard. >> shepard: overall, jennifer, the statistics seem to show that attacks from members of al-qaeda, i should say taliban fighters are really on the rise. >> reporter: well, you're referring to a new report that came out today from the pentagon. it is a quarterly report that is issued to congress in which they are required to make an assessment of the progress in afghanistan in order to get funding. here's the headline. during the reporting period, enemy initiated attacks were up 1% compared to the same period last year due in large part to a shortened poppy harvest employing low level insurge yerntinsurgentsfar less than la. at the height of the insurgency, all u.s. surge troops are home and 76% of the country is under the security control of the afghan government, according to this new report.
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>> shepard: jennifer griff fin at the pentagon. there's word that the syrian government may have already used chemical weapons on its own people. now, fox news can't confirm that, but the activists are reportedly saying they have the video to prove it. fox news can't verify the video, either. president obama has called the use of chemical weapons a red line for the united states, and he's warned there will be consequences if syria crosses that red line. let's get to kathry catherine he live in washington. what do we know about this video? i can't get confirmation from anyone. >> reporter: we're being told there's no independent evidence the syrian regime has used chemical weapons, but over the weekend video uploaded to the weapon claimed to show the use of chemical weapons by the assad government. this fire allegedly producing toxic smoke after tank was unloaded by a syrian jet over rebel-held territory. another video which could not be authenticated claimed to show protective er gear confiscated y opposition forgeses and the
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syrians continue to issue reassurances they won't use chemical weapons on their own people. >> shepard: it's my understanding the u.s. is about to label one of those groups a terrorist organization. >> reporter: the rebel group is blamed for more than 40 suicide bombings in syria in the last year alone including an attack at the military intelligence headquarters in damascus that killed 55 and injured about 400 in may. the group uses foreign fighters from libya and other north african country. some cut their teeth fighting u.s. and coalition forces. >> we've had concerns that it's little more than a front for al-qaeda in iraq who has moved some of its operations into syria. >> reporter: the state department today also blaming the assayed regime for creating an environment where they say these groups can prosper. >> shepard: you have new information about weapons moving from libya into syria?
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>> reporter: fox news has learned that the cia as well as other intelligence agencies have been working with libyan militias after it was claimed qaddafi's program was not shut do i know idown in 2004. u.s. officials are insisted there's quote, no quid pro quo on the search, including the movement of weapons. tonight the cia had no public comment on fox's reporting. >> shepard: thanks very much. an enormously popular mexican american singer and reality star now confirmed dead after a plane crash. investigators say jenni rivera was among the passengers on a private leer jet that slammed into the ground shortly after taking off in northern mexico. rivera's brother said there's almost nothing left of that plane. >> the plane is totaled. nobody inside survived. the bodies are unrecognizable
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according to what they're telling us. monterey officials are saying that they need at least a couple of time, a couple of days to be able to bring the bodies from the wilderness. it's out in the middle of nowhere. >> shepard: somebody took a photo of what appears to be jenni rivera's driver's license found in the wreckage. abc news confirms she was talking with that network about staring in a sitcom. she allegedly won a couple of mexican billboard awards. she sold 15 million records throughout her career. [ music ] >> shepard: tonight her fans and family say they just can't believe this has happened and they're remembering a woman who often sang about her own troubles and setbacks and helped ease the pain of others along the way. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub this afternoon. jenni rivera got a late start on her career, trace. >> reporter: and really never dreamed she would be a star.
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she had the first of her five children at the age of 16 years old, and she never put out her first album until she was 30 years old, but over the past 13 years, her very honest ballads about her personal trouble including three failed marriages really struck a nerve with her fans. she also sang about mexican culture, the drug lords, the gangs. some say she was the most influential latina singer since selena. >> jenni rivera was the hope for a lot of people in the latin community, and she spent a decade working tirelessly on her craft and inspiring people, and i think that legacy, the music, everything she did in the business will have an impression for many, many years to come, kind of like selena. >> reporter: she said she wanted to be the oprah win free of mexico and she was well on her way, shepard. >> shepard: any word on the plane crash, what might have caused it? >> reporter: they took off from monterey after a concert about
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3:30 in the morning. they were 10 minutes in the flight. the reports are they went from 35,000 feet to 9,000 feet in seconds and it fell off the radar into some very rugged mountains. there are now reports that same leelear jet was damaged during takeoff in amarillo the region in 2005 after they had problems with fuel. one of the engines was misfiring. the jet was the same age as jenni rivera, 43 years owed. a journalist recently asked her about her more talent. more tallty. >> she was asked in an interview do you fear death? jenni said i personally don't. i feel that i've lived my life to the fullest and i've accomplished many things that others haven't had a chance to. the only reason i fear death is because of my five kids.
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>> reporter: and two grand kids. she was joined by her pub listist, her lawyer, and make upartist on the jet. trace, thank you. >> shepard: another united states state is debating a so-called right to work bill. of course, supporters say it will help create jobs but opponents insist it's about busting the unions. we'll get into that. plus the president and the leader of the house of representatives got together over the weekend to talk about the looming fiscal cliff, just three weeks away. after the it was over, this one didn't belly ache about that one and that one didn't belly ache about this one, so what did they do? how did that go? from the journalists at fox news, this is the monday fox report. ...and this, dancing in their heads... ...we have these. home depot gift cards. give the gift of doing, in-store or online.
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>> shepard: the white house says president obama believes he can cut a deal with house republicans to keep from all going over the fiscal cliff. the president is refusing to compromise on letting tax cuts
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expire on incomes of more than $250,000 a year. g.o.p. leaders are calling that a job killer and a deal breaker. of course, if we fall off the fiscal cliff, we'll all die, right? actually, taxes will go up for pretty much everybody and automatic spending cuts kick in on knew year's day. the president and the house speaker met face-to-face just yesterday for the first time since the election, but are they talking about it? no. today an aide said the speaker is willing and still waiting for counteroffer from the president. ed henry is live at the white house. i don't know, ed. a meeting happens and nobody says anything. this could be seen as something more good than bad. >> reporter: exactly. because they didn't come out of the meeting beating each other up and saying i'm never going to sign a deal with the other guy. the fact that they're keeping this quiet, hush hush for now in terms of the details of what they discussed suggests that they're hopeful of a deal, although i have to tell you. the president sounded pretty optimistic when he was in michigan about the possibility
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of us going off the cliff and falling into a second recession. here's what he had to say about the possibility. >> consumer spending is going to go down. that means you've got less customers, businesses get fewer profits. they hire fewer workers. you go on a downward spiral. >> downward spiral, not a very optimistic statement, although the president went on to say he's still hopeful both sides will come together. we're told he had a phone call today with the senate majority leader harry reid but no more phone calls or visits from speaker boehner. it's still on hold whether they'll move forward on a deal. >> shepard: looks like speaker boehner is getting pressure from the moderates in the party and certainly from the right. >> reporter: no doubt about it. bob corker from tennessee was on "fox news sunday" yesterday. he gave fo voice to something you're hearing from an increasing number of republicans right now which is maybe they should give in on raising taxes on the rich in order to fight it out and try to get more leverage
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in terms of spending cuts. take a listen. >> once you give him the rate on the top 2%, it's actually a much lesser tax increase than what's he's been talking about. the focus then shifts to entitlements. >> reporter: now, the key, though, as we've all been talking about this end of the year deadline, december 31st, but in fact, when you talk to leaders in both parties, they realize the real deadline is probably the end of this week in terms of at least getting a framework of a deal so that then both the house expht senat and e can work on the details and pass this thing. they've got to get moving now, this week, if they're going to get this done by the end of the year. >> shepard: ed, thank you. the president commented today on the battle over michigan's so-called right to work bill. hundreds of demonstrators showed up at the state capitol in lansing to protest the measure. it would make it illegal to force workers to join unions or more specifically to pay dues. supporters say it will bring more jobs to the state but opponents say non-union workers
4:18 pm
will end up getting union benefits for free. they claim the real goal is to weaken organized labor. >> these so called right to work laws, they don't have to do with economics. they have everything to do with politics. what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. >> this is a state issue. indiana did this under governor mitch daniels a couple years ago. they've had some job growth since then. we have to compete. my district is along the state line. we have to compete with them. >> reporter: if it happens, this would be -- michigan would be the 24th state toes pa the law. the house and senate approved their own versions last week. they're set to pass final bill tomorrow. opponents are promising more protests. the republican governor said he will sign that bill. we saw the egyptian president try to give himself broad new powers, basically make himself a dictator. he backed off over the weekend on that, but now he's apparently making a move to turn the army against the people.
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>> shepard: the tension in cairo is growing after the egyptian president gave the military the power to arrest civilians. the military. this move is intended, they tell us, to stop days of often violent protests but instead opponents say it could make things worse. this weekend the president, morsi, largely gave up his power grab which essentially put him above the law. that decision in direct response to mass demonstration including protesters reportedly storming through bashe barbed wire barri.
4:23 pm
morsi plans to go ahead with the vote this saturday on a controversial new constitution. opponents say unless he cancels the vote, the protests will continue. he negotiated the sees fire between -- cease fire between israel and hamas. jonathan hunt is with us. this referendum is another potential flash point. >> reporter: absolutely. although president morsi handed back the powers he grabbed just a couple of weeks ago, the constitution voted on in this weekend's referendum gives him back a lot of those he same powers and sidelines the courts again. that's why the protesters now have a couple of options. they can go into streets again and make it too chaotic to hold the referendum or at least try to. they can try to appeal to the u.s. to put more pressure on president morsi, although u.s. officials are weighing their words areafully for now. >> we want to see a constitution
4:24 pm
that when it is adopted respects and protects the rights of all egyptians, and the democratic trajectory of the country, but egyptians have to work through how they get from here to there. >> reporter: getting from here to there could be a lot worse over the next two days. president morsi is trying to take those dictatorial kind of powers that president mubarak had before him, and now using the military to try to keep protesters off the street. giving the military the power to arrest people, but the big difference now between president morsi's situation and that of of president martin luther king at least until -- president mubarak at least until the end of the regime people know they can change their own destiny. listen. >> what we see is an egyptian
4:25 pm
people that feel the people power, that understand that they can understand they can come to the street, that they don't have to take government decisions that are overly, let's say overly oppressive or undemocratic. they don't have to take these laying down. they can have a voice. >> reporter: morsi's critics intend to exercise that voice with a huge demonstration on the streets of cairo tomorrow. morsi's supporters are calling an end to demonstrations so it will be a very tense day. about 2:25 in cairo now. tuesday is shaping up to be a very big day. >> shepard: the united states' days as the world's only superpower are numberrered. every four years analysts put out a report on global trends. the latest one projects that by the year 2030 no country will be the single great yo superpower.
4:26 pm
when you look at the indicators of power such as economy, population size, military spending and technology, asia is set to be larger than north america and europe combined. >> the rapid rise of other countries, and above all, the spectacular rise of asian economies is dramatically altering the context in which u.s. global power will operate. >> shepard: the report notes that the u.s. is likely to remain a major global player on the global stage because of how it's able to pull together coalitions to tackle global problems. today was pposed to be the start of the window in which north hey would launch a new -- north korea would launch a new controversial rocket. so far no launch. we have the reasons for the delay. gunfire on a busy new york city sidewalk. just up the street from us, cops say somebody shot a man right in the back of the head then jumped right into a waiting getaway car and off he went. or she went. there's a manhunt or a womanhunt
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
bush or bush 41 has been fighting a cough caused by bronchitis. in stable condition, making progress, but no word on a possible discharge date. the fortunatelier president now 88 -- the former president now 88 years old has been in the hospital since last metropolitan. the former new york city mayor ed koch after being real l released from the hospital. he was treated for pneumonia and flu since last week. he told supporters he planned to stop by his office and read at home. the former mayor celebrates his 88th birthday on wednesday. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and north korea. the north koreans say they have to delay their latest rocket launch because of what one official calls technical problems. really. the north koreans originally gave themselves a two-week launch window starting today. now they say they're extending
4:32 pm
that window by another week. analysts say the north's last rocket launch attempt in april was very much a dud. one expert says this launch is a success or if it is, it would mean the north could be two to three years away from having a missile that could hit the united states. doug mcelway on the top stories and live tonight from washington. i guess that's why world leaders are keeping such a close eye on this launch. >> reporter: a lot of people keeping a close eye on it. a huge issue for not just u.s. relations with north korea but the entire pacific rism that's threatened by this. such a missile could reach alaska, hawaii, south korea or japan. that's one of the reasons that all of those countries have taken precautionary measures, the u.s. sending four warships to the region, south korea has a warship observing all the events. japan activating its anti-missile shield. the plan launched in provocation in direct defines of the
4:33 pm
security council. the state department said we have the un security council statement which strongly condemned their last launch and made clear that the council was determined to take action if there is a further launch and we stand by that, end quote. just what action the un might take remains unclear but the tightening of sanctions is almost a sure bet and given that much of the technology for north korea's missile program is imported, a stricter ban of technology sports from around the world may be in the offing. >> shepard: technical problems is the reason given for the delay. it sounds like a lot of analysts believe that could be a cover. >> reporter: that's what couple of south korean analysts are telling the associated press. one speculates that china has put on pressure to stop the launch and north korea may have complied with china's demand. keep in mind china does not want to see destabilization of the reason nor does it want a tightening of sanctions or war in an already impoverished
4:34 pm
country which might lead to refugees streaming into their next door neighbor, china. iran claims it decoded all of the data from a stealth cia spy drone it recovered last year, all of it. the revolutionary guard general claims the drone did not carry out missions before it went down near iran's border with afghanistan. iran claims it took control of the drone and brought it down, but it's still unclear whether iran's military actually captured it or if it simply crash landed somewhere in iranian territory. last week the iranians claims they captured another u.s. spy drone. the navy reports it's not currently missing any drones, so that would not stand to reason. crowds of people saw somebody commit a murder in manhattan today, midday, on a busy sidewalk about a block from the famous carnegie hall and right outside a school building. police say the killer walked up
4:35 pm
behind the victim and shot him in the back of the head. as the man fell, gushing blood on the sidewalk, the killer jumped into a waiting car and escaped. cops say they've recovered the murder weapon and they've identified the man as being frm los angeles. no word on who killed him and why. authorities took this guy, james holmes, to the hospital last month after he reportedly banged his head against the wall of his jail cell. there were no cameras in the courtroom today, but sketches show holmes now has a full beard. reporters said he appeared to be okay physically, anyway. much of today's testimony centered around a package that holmes apparently sent to his psychiatrist at the university of colorado shortly before investigators say he opened fire on that crowded theater and killed 12 people, injuring dozens more. we're live outside the courthouse in centennial colorado tonight. what's the importance of that
4:36 pm
package? >> reporter: it contained the brown spiral notebook that james holmes sent to his psychiatrist. law enforcement officials took the stand today who came into contact with the notebook when it was covered in the university of colorado mail room. each denied leaking vivid details to reporter johnna winter who broke the story that violent images were scribbled inside. the defense now says that they will espn her. >> shepard: alicia, what's to make of the recent hospital stay by the accused killer? what do we know? >> reporter: all we know is it was a medical emergency. his defense team citing a gag order said they cannot comment. our producer was inside the courtroom and said he did not look banged up from this. reportereportedly he's attempteo harm himself before. holmes' parents were in court today. this is the first time they sat in on the proceedings. however, they did not have anything to say to the media outside. >> shepard: i guess not. aly ialeaseia acuna.
4:37 pm
thanks. a storm left behind some frigid temperatures. meteorologists report 16 inches of know fell in minneapolis yesterday and while skiers seemed to appreciate the weather, it made a mess of the roads. thplow drivers worked overtime d all over the place folks were pushing their cars to get them going on the street. emergency crews in minnesota reporting at least 600 crashes and more than 1100 spinouts. it was a similar situation in wisconsin and south dakota forcing many school districts to cancel classes. ian leonard is the chief meteorologist at fox 9 in the twin cities. live tonight, eden prairie, minnesota. what's it looking like there? >> decidedly white. if you think about it, this is the most snow we've had since february of 2011. 16 inches of snow that fell very thick. today, right now, it's 5 degrees, so we've got a lot of big white powder that made for
4:38 pm
some terrible problems across minnesota today. folks say it's december, it's minnesota. kind of supposed to snow, isn't it? >> shepard: just like it is here, but it's 61 in new york today. is that a record for you? >> yeah. you know, last week we had temperatures in the 40s and you could have mowed the lawn. yesterday the 16 inches that fell is a one-day december snowfall record. it's the third highest one-day december snowfall we've ever had. it played havoc. when you think about it, 16 inches in the major metropolis area of minneapolis and st. paul, that's around three million people, not a lot of places to put that much snow. >> shepard: and in chicago, still waiting to break that long streak of days without snow. ian leonard from kmsp in the 10 cities. a wheelchair basketball game. no one has ever seen one quite like this as hooligans stormed the court. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. turkey.
4:39 pm
the clashes broke out between fans of two rival clubs in istanbul. they threw objects and chanted obscene slogans at each other. tear gas was used to break up the mob. the trouble makers already banned from attending away games between their soccer and basketball teams. they often use sporting venues to fight. germany. eight people died including four children when two small planes collided mid air. police say the crash happened as darkness fell over a town about an hour north of frankfurt. the two aircraft crashed into fields about 1200 feet apart. no word on the cause. serbia. at least two people died as heavy snowfall and below freezing temperatures hit the north. authorities say the harsh conditions also snarled traffic for some 17 hours. local media report crews rescued more than 600 people from their cars. similar weather slammed neighboring countries in the balkans. china. a 16-year-old from japan became
4:40 pm
the youngest winner of the world snowboard championships air and style event in beijing. the teee of the sport's most difficult tricks to clinch the title. he also set a new record for the longest time in the air. that's a wrap on this fox around the world in 80 seconds. software giant john mcafee. is he crazy? is he a pathological liar? is he a murder or maybe all of them? the software mogul said he's on the run from the police in belize and his final stop could be the united states. plus we now know the name of the second winner in the record powerball drawing. remember the one who wouldn't come forward? there are reports it could have been this guy. remember the man who got all excited in the convenience store? we have new details ahead.
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>> shepard: worries over the so-called fiscal cliff are not just realitying wall street. they have the latest lotto winner concerned as well. officials in arizona say the man who won half of last week' weeks powerball jackpot took the lump sum option because he's worried about higher tax in the future. he should worry. after all, he only gets $192 million before the government takes his share. he's a married man in his 30s who lives near phoenix. he originally asked to stay anonymous. officials had to release his name under a public records request. it's only added to the mystery behind the surveillance video from maryland. last week a store clerk said a guy bought a ticket from arizona who matched all the numbers. whoever this is did not hit the jackpot. the millionaire software developer wanted for questioning in his neighbor's death said he's looking to settle down, maybe even here in the united states. first, john mcafee has to get out of a jam or three. you remember last month in belize a neighbor complained about mcafee's dogs?
4:45 pm
somebody then poise yonte poisoe dogs and somebody killed the one-time complaining neighbor. mcafee said he does not have anything to do with it, but he does not trust the authorities in belize so he went on the run. he headed over the borderer to guatemala and authorities caught up with him. his latest comefnts come fro coa live stream immigration broadcast from a detention center so the quality isn't perfect. >> the government was mad at me before and they're seriously mad at me now. there's no hope for my life if i'm ever returned for belize. i have due dual citizenship. i would be happy to go to england. i would be happy to go to america. that's what i want. >> or you could talk to authorities about the now dead person. mcafee added he'd like to spend his declining years comfortably. he said he just wants to enjoy things like fishing and
4:46 pm
swimming, things they don't have in prison. steve hair began with more from the -- herrigan with more from florida. >> reporter: he finds new ways to tell his story, this time streaming live from inside a detention center in guatemala. he took the occasion really to knock down reporters that he may have had a heart attack. insed, he said the symptoms he suffered were simply the result of stress from three weeks on the run. >> the problem i had the other day is i did not eat for two days. i drank very little liquids and for the first time in many years, i've been smoking almost non-stop. i stood up, passed out, hit my head on the wall. came to in total confusion. i am fine now. >> reporter: so the man who chronicled every move of his three week escape from belize including the disguises he wore is now continuing to tell that story from inside detention. >> shepard: the same man who has been described by many as a pathological liar said he wants
4:47 pm
to come back to the united states. is there a chance of that. >> reporter: no in the short-term. he's in an extradition battle. if he goes back to belize, if he's forced to go back, he'll be a dead man. he said there are top corrupt officials there who want him killed. some of those belize officials said they really question mcafee'smcafee'mcafee's sanity. >> steve, thanks. the former head of the international monetary fund has reached a settlement with the maid who accused him of attempted rape last year. you remember the story of dominique strauss kahn. he had been a frontrunner for the presidency in france before a housekeeper here in new york said he sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in manhattan. prosecutors eventually dropped their criminal case after issues arose with the accuser's credibility, but she still brought her own civil suit against strauss kahn, and today a judge here in new york announced both sides had struck
4:48 pm
a deal, but of course, as with most settlements, no details of the settlement released. well, you probably got a nice surprise last time you topped off your tank. prices on average of gas are falling. 2012 will still go down as the most expensive year for gas ever. how much lower could they go? we'll get to that. if you think those assembly instructions leave ikea shoppers confused, what if you walked into the store and saw that? sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text.
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get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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>> shepard: the feds report traffic deaths on u.s. highways have dropped the lowest since harry truman was in the white house. according to the national highway traffic safety administration, 32,367 people died in car crashes last year.
4:52 pm
wow. that sounds like a lot, doesn't it? it's the lowest rate since 1949. the crash deaths involving bicycles, however, and large trucks both jumped from the previous year reportedly because more people are riding bikes and an improving economy is putting more large trucks on the road or maybe because of all the bike lanes in new york city and people are angry and trying to hit them. can't confirm that. triple a reports the average annual price of gas this year will almost certainly top last year's record. well, despite that, prices are falling now and in a big way. the lund berg survey shows the average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded is down 10 cents over the past three weeks and i continuing down. what's causing this, rich? >> reporter: americans are driving less. that and slowing economic growth mean the world is using less oil. after problems earlier this year, refineries are pumping out more gas. also, warmer than average
4:53 pm
temperatures meaning americans are using less oil to heat their homes. all that pushes prices down further. prices also spiked after hurricane sandy and have fallen since, shepard. >> shepard: so right now they're headed down more, right? > >> reporter: that's right. there's a difference between lowest and highest of 80 cents a gallon. 3.85 in long island, in mems me, tennessee, it's less than 3.05. the average price of gas in the u.s. has fallen 10 cents in the past week, dipping 3.38 for a gallon of regular, expected to go lower. >> shepard: you can furnish your entire home at ikea if you want. if you're shopping at the right time, you can furnish your zoo. shoppers at an ikea in toronto spotted a monkey roaming the parking lot. >> this is so bizarre. why is there a monkey at ikea. i never expected to see that. i was pretty shocked.
4:54 pm
>> shepard: no ordinary monkey, either. he was dressed in a shearling coat. the monkey is in custody, the owner in trouble for keeping what is a prohibited animal. snow-covered streets in one city became a high-speed race track. dozens of snow mobiles competing in western austi austria. a battle of champions event over the weekend had thousands of fans lining the course to watch. drivers maneuvered through the tight turns and obstacles around town. no major injuries reported. a team representing an austrian company won the race for the second year in a row. using the form of a deadly virus to stroi an equally deadly disease. the fascinating story of how doctors scored an enormous victory in this 6-year-old girl's fight against leukemia. might there be hope for the future? stay with us.
4:55 pm
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>> shepard: treating cancer with a form of hiv. doctors say they've already done the experimental procedure on a 6-year-old girl and now she's cancer-free. her name is emma. earlier this year the doctors said her fight against leukemia nearly killed her until they tried a brand new procedure using a disabled form of the virus which causes aids. today on studio b one of the researchers involved with this breakthrough explained how it works. >> what my colleagues have actually done is to take the parts of the hiv virus that are good at getting into cells, get rid of the parts that make the cell sick and that kill the cells, and replace that with molecules that can then target the cells to fight leukemia, so it uses the good parts without the bad parts. >> shepard: wilalmost seven mons later emma is still in complete remission. before we go, our team's top five things today. a dutch man opening a full scale
4:59 pm
replica of noah' noah's arc. a florida jury convicted a woman of murdering a million dollar lottery winner. president obama announcing his position or opposition, i should say, to some controversial bills in the michigan legislature which critics say would weaken unions. the pentagon reports this navy seal died over the weekend in afghanistan on a mission to free an american doctor. that's the fox report's top five. on this day in 1972, major league baseball added a spot for the designated hitter. oakland a's owner charlie finley was perhaps the biggest proponent of the d.h. which allowed better hitters to take the pitcher's place in the batting order. he convinced his fellow american league owners to vote in favor of the change. the following spring the yankee slugger ron bloomberg bam the first d.h. to bat in a regular season game. c


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